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Terms of Use Agreement for the Website


The use of the website means accessing it and viewing its content.

By entering the website or and all the subpages you become the website user (hereinafter referred to as "user")

and conclude this 

Terms of Use Agreement for the Website (hereinafter referred to as "agreement")

with the website operator, a self employed entrepreneur:

Alexandra Fričová

street: Za kláštorom 21

town: Ružomberok

ZIP: 034 01


Business ID: 50534670

Tax ID: 1033820260

Registered at: OU-RK-OZP-2016/008405-2 and self-employed register No. 570-14623

This is also the person responsible for running the E-shop and can be contacted via telephone: +421 903 240 301, or email:

/hereinafter referred to as the "operator"/

The text of the agreement:

The content of the site is intended as information for the general public, unless otherwise stated. The information is provided as popular science texts, interesting facts and facts about the food and products sold in the e-shop on the site, as well as the experience of our clients with the products offered.

The operator has no responsibility for the misuse or wrong interpretation of the information presented here.

The site is a database of information under Act no. 618/2003 Coll. about copyright and any manipulation of its content is governed by this law. Copyright of site content is owned by the operator of the site.

The entire content and design of the website is the property of the operator. The web site works on the  freely available open source PrestaShop TM software.

The operator is not liable for any damage incurred by the user or third party as a result of the use of the site or breach of this agreement. It is the user's obligation to reimburse in full any third party requesting compensation.

No information on this site is meant to be a substitute for healthcare, and presented foods and nutritional supplements are not a medicine for specific health problems. Please note that this website only acts as a non-binding source of information. The provided information are in no way substitute for medical or other professional care!

The purpose of the presentations is exclusively information and education. Recommendations on diet, natural dietary supplements or lifestyle are of a popular scientific nature.

The user will handle the information obtained from the site at its sole discretion and under its sole responsibility.

The information on the site is intended solely for users who are entitled to carry out their full responsibility for their actions.

Users are strongly encouraged to seek professional care, if needed, which, through immediate contact with the patient, can more effectively diagnose the cause of the disease and determine the treatment.

The operator of this website points out that he has no liability for any damage to the health of the users or third parties resulting from the use of the information posted on this website and is also not responsible for the practical use of the recommendations or the deterioration of the user's physical condition.